Looking for stars…


Life can throw you some confusing curve balls. I received one of these curve balls this week when I learned of a tragic death of a co-worker. At first shock and grief made me numb and I was living in a state of disbelief. The next stop was confusion mixed with the haunting feeling of emptiness and fear.

Where do we go from here? We move forward. We give ourselves permission to grieve in whatever way feels safe. I am a talker. I talked to anyone who knew him and released every question that was running through my mind, every feeling and every concern I could muster. Other folks may turn inward and be introspective. They may write in a journal, go for a run, go for a bike ride or cry alone. What I have learned from full accepting myself is that whatever I need is okay. Yes, I actually need to give myself permission to be myself and feel what I feel without judgement, this is a newly acquired skill for me and I am still working on it.

Think for a moment of how you give yourself permission to feel? Think of a recent event where you had the opportunity to applaud yourself or to console yourself? How did you treat yourself? Did you respect your feelings? Did you celebrate your victory?

The key to your happiness starts within you. If you would like to see rainbows in the rain and stars in the darkness you need to take care of you first. Give yourself permission today to accept and respect the person on the inside.

Love yourself today!



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