Enoughness is a state of being satisfied and content with who you are, where you are right now. For a type A, go-getting people pleaser this feeling of contentment is a tall order. It almost seems counterintuitive to everything I strive for, but this practice is essential to a happy life.

Autumn is a time of year when I feel very reflective and I start to slow down from 9 months of craziness. Right now I am experiencing the desire to slow down and reflect but work and life have different plans for me. I am feeling the struggle. So what does this have to do with the practice of enoughness? It means I actually need to put a practice into place where I take time to acknowledge my enoughness. I have to give myself permission to slow down, set my alarm on my phone for 20 minutes, lay here and be present, be enough. I hope that one day my practice will be more of a lifestyle but for today here is what I will do:

1. Set down my phone! If I had to guess I check my phone for texts, e-mails, calls etc over 100 times per day. How can I be present if I’m always somewhere in cyberspace?

2. Enjoy the silence. In my 20 minutes I will be quiet in my body and mind. (This usually only works when I am sleeping but I am working on it!)

3. Acknowledge and Accept that I cannot do everything or please everyone. I set myself up for failure by ignoring this concept sometimes. I am not promoting  apathy but be kind and realistic with your expectations for yourself.

4. Take a walk or a bike ride and enjoy the crispness in the air and the subtle change of colors in the trees. Getting outdoors and getting my body moving instantly put me in a better mood.

How are you enjoying your enoughness today?


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