Time Out! Mommy Needs 5!

img_2235Hi All,

I share with my one on one coaching clients the need to stop trying to do everything and be everything to everyone. This do-it-all mindset typically takes us away from what our most important priorities are. Any mother that I have coached, including myself, can agree that her family is her top priority. She wants to be better for them. She wants to do more with them. Hell, she just wants to stop yelling at them all the time! I teach that self-care is a non-negotiable tool for modern woman. We all wear so many hats and have so many areas in which we want to excel that we rarely take time to just be. I am planning on sharing bits of wisdom for the next 30 days and calling it my “Mommy Needs 5” series. My hope is that you take 5 minutes from your busy life to read, enjoy and possibly laugh while reading my posts. Feel free to comment and share your own stories. I would love to hear them! I know I am not alone.

5 reasons my house does not look like a page from a Pottery Barn catalog but more like a tornado just ripped through

  1. I have a kid! What is it with the little ones and dropping little piles of papers and “collections” everywhere? My daughter comes home everyday with glorious “art” and leaves it all over the kitchen island. She also seems to accumulate small collections. She collects rocks from the playground at school which find their way into the kitchen, the bathtub, her room, the laundry and my coat pockets. I also found out in a very unique way last week that she had started collecting dry corn from the cornstalks used to adorn our posts in the front of the house. I always get a bit concerned when she calls me from the bathroom and says, “Mom come here, there is something weird.” I am thinking maybe she had a strange poop or found some oddity on her body. Nope, this time it was a small green leafy stem popping out of the overflow drain hole in her sink. Apparently, sink overflow holes are the perfect environment to grow corn. Yes, I pulled on the odd green stem and kept pulling until I found a piece of dry corn had evolved into a growing plant with a root system in her bathroom sink. Ewwwww!
  2. I get mail! The mail, the never-ending mail. Along with all of my daughter’s “art” and school papers there is never a shortage of some type of flyer, bill, newspaper ad on my kitchen island. I am pretty sure that is not what the island was intended for. Holla if you hear me with this one!
  3. I have a husband! He is a master of what I lovingly call Lou-droppings (Lou is the Hubs) these droppings include socks on the floor next to the bed, random packs of screws and blue tape on the bathroom counter from work, folded up papers, reciepts, pens, and clothes in random places on the floor or hung over the bannister leading up the stairs. I L-O-V-E this man so much and I have accepted this reality as one of his adorable quirks.
  4. I have a dog! Oh, Lucy! We bathe you, we walk you, we play with you and we buy you toys, too many dang toys! She is worse than my daughter with leaving her bones and fuzzy friends strewn about the floor. My personal fave is when she leaves her bone in the middle of the hallway or the path to the bathroom in the middle if the night. It is a blessing that I still have my ankles for all of the times I have stepped on one of these bones.
  5. I have a cat! My cat Frank is literally the coolest cat on the planet. Frank, my 14 year-old Frank, my dear, sweet, fuzzy first baby. Why must you chuck up a hairball or other miscellaneous items that you got into on the staircase so that I have no choice to step in it without warning on my way down the stairs? Also, what the hell did you eat? One poop from you can clear the basement, let alone a room! Love you buddy.

Please feel free to e-mail me at missy@missygrovescoach.com and let me know if there are any topics you would like me to address because this is all for you! I thought you may get a kick out of “Mommy Needs 5” because frankly, what Mommy doesn’t need just 5 frigging minutes a day to herself?

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