Mommy Needs 5! 5 Tips For Getting Me Time During The Holiday Season


Hey Girl, hey!

The holiday season is flush with opportunities to be busy with everything from shopping, planning , parties and overall merriment. It can also be a time filled with anxiety, stress and overall burnout. Here are my 5 self care tips that I employ over the busy holiday season to avoid holiday overload.

1. Take a walk! Bundle up put in your ear buds and walk. The fresh air should be enough to give you some well-deserved quiet time. Depending on how chaotically busy your brain is, this may be a good time to listen to a podcast that speaks to you. Some of my favorites right now on iTunes are SoulFeed, Mind Body Musings and Adventure Knocks.

2. Take a bath or a hot shower! Those few moments of silence and hot water can be just what you need to relax before getting in your cozies and sitting down to watch a holiday movie with the family. Also, nothing feels better than being clean, fresh and warm after a long cold day!

3. Have a cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa! The practice of getting a warm beverage in between your hands and zoning out may be just what you need. If you have the opportunity to get away to your bedroom alone for 15 minutes to enjoy it, it can be even better.

4. Call or meet up with an old friend that makes you laugh! Nothing like the holidays to bring people together. The type of friend or friends that I am talking about meeting up with, must be people who are positive and bring ease to your day. This is not the time to call a friend who is full of drama! You will get enough of that while being around your family. Lol!

5. Do Yoga! Yoga can be done in a studio with complete strangers or on front of your computer on YouTube. Studies show that even 10 minutes of simple yoga stretches and deep breathing will reduce stress by 30%. If Yoga isn’t your bag then hop on YouTube and find a guided meditation for stress or anxiety. One of my faves is The Honest Guys, they have a meditation for everything.

All of these suggestions are to help you stop for a minute and be present during the holiday season. The important idea is that you take time for yourself among the holiday craziness so that you come out sane and healthy on the other end!

With Grace and Love,



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