My husband put my jeans in the dryer

Bless his heart. I appreciate my husband and his effort so much however you never, ever put my jeans in the dryer. For those of you like me that have always had trouble shopping for jeans and find your weight going up and down as often as the stock market shopping for jeans is a nightmare. When you find that perfect pair of jeans, which for the record I hate and will opt for yoga pants anyway of the week, that hug your curves just right, don’t dig into your belly when you sit, or make your mid section look like the Pillsbury dough boy, you feel as if you have just struck gold. You can put these jeans on for a quick date, time out with friends or for any outing where yoga pants aren’t appropriate. Then your husband puts your jeans in the dryer. He wonders why I am frustrated, he wonders why I huff in disappointment but try not to yell because for goodness sake he did the laundry and I am so grateful. He does not understand and probably has never been through the gut wrenching experience of shopping for jeans as a woman. He can eat and drink whatever he wants and has been the same size since high school. Yea, the belly might protrude a bit more than it did in his youth but overall he is one fine piece of work that can dry his pants on high heat, get dressed and not skip a beat. He has never experienced the awkwardness as you squeeze into your jeans and have to do lunges, squats, and sit criss cross applesauce on the floor of your bedroom with your stomach hanging gracefully over the waist of the pants hoping for a good stretch that will make them feel normal again.  He has also never experienced the dressing room sweats as you try on jeans that only God knows how many people tried them on before you. As if sweating in clothes that other people have tried on is not humilitaing enough, we have the dreaded dressing room lighting. You would think that the stores would want you to see yourself and love how you look in thier clothes so you will buy more however dressing room lights are the exact opposite. It may be just me but it seems that lighting in most dressing rooms accentuate every dimple, every bulge you knew about and some that you just learned about. Ugh! Nightmare. I am not a big shopper to begin with, thanks Mom for all those TJMaxx days growing up,  but when it comes to shopping for pants I have heart palpitations and avoid it at all costs. So, thank you so much babe for doing the laundry, I really do appreciate you but next time you see my jeans set them aside and walk away.

With Grace and Love,


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